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Full Version: Setting 404_override
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Hi everyone, 

This is the first day I've ever played with codeigniter for more than 10 minutes, and this is the first time I've built something from scratch. 

I'm setting the 404_override variable in the /application/config/routes.php file. I want to set it to 'errorh/pages/404' so it would call the 'Errorh' controller, the 'pages' function and set the first variable to '404'. 

Except everytime I do this, it tries to tell me that a function called pages/404 is missing? Am I being stupid here? It works on the rest of the routes I've setup, but not on the 404_override one.

Is it possible that this specific route cannot support passing a variable over like the other ones do? 

Thanks in advance everyone!
On the version 3 + of codeigniter it does not work in sub folders

In Correct

application > controllers > pages > Error_404.php

PHP Code:
$route['404_override'] = 'pages/error_404'


application > controllers > Error_404.php

PHP Code:
$route['404_override'] = 'error_404'

Note: Follow the Codeigniter file and class name style guide
This has nothing to do with what I've asked. 

I never said anything about subfolders. I was talking about passing the variable over to the pages method. As I've explained above.