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Full Version: Scrolling dead in FF.
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MySQL 5.5.48-cll, PHP 5.6.24 (cli)
CI 3.1, Jquery, Boostrap

Browser of concern: FireFox 49.0.1

In my first CI site:

At some point recently the scrolling ability with the mouse wheel has stopped working in firefox.

Google Chrome, Edge, and IE all work fine.

Mouse wheel scrolling works in FF if I make it so PHP throws an error.

Anyone seen this weirdness?

Sounds like a problem with FireFox if it's working with all the other browsers.
Took a look at the console and found this alert:

This site appears to use a scroll-linked positioning effect. This may not work well with asynchronous panning; see for further details and to join the discussion on related tools and features!
Yeah, basically that message appears in the console in FF if you use a bootstrap template, or jquery positioning. It also appears whether the scroll bar is working or not. Scrolling just stopped for me in my latest changes.. but I can't seem to find where as I made changes in all view, model, and controller files.

Strange, by modifying the controller file, I can get scrolling to work by forcing a PHP error...

This does not work (setting any kind of data):

PHP Code:
$vViewPage 'events';

$data['vf_deadline'] = $this->input->post('f_deadline');


This does work (commenting out all data and forcing an error):

PHP Code:
$vViewPage 'events';

// $data['vf_deadline'] = $this->input->post('f_deadline');


This does not work as well (getting rid of the error by not passing data):

PHP Code:
$vViewPage 'events';

// $data['vf_deadline'] = $this->input->post('f_deadline');


Lastly, setting the view statically via 'events' instead of $vViewPage still stops scrolling in FF. 

Would this suggest the problem is in the view instead of the controller??

I Chased this down to a (templatemonster) js library called rd-smoothscroll.

At least, well, disabling the call to it fixed the scroll.
Just to confirm that yes, in their demo linked to from the link you provided, in FF, the scrolling with mouse does not work.