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Full Version: 1024 bit Diffie-Hellman key exchanges may be compromised.
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Read this article:

The use of 1024 bit prime number keys in Diffie-Hellman key exchanges can be compromised, making solving the key pair much easier.

The problem, explained in the article, is that only a few actual prime numbers used and these can be compromised by having an embedded "trapdoor".

If your software or your bank's software for instance, uses the 1024 bit keys, it may be breakable.

Even Apache Servers use a limited set of 1024 bit primes for generating security keys.

Watch for this to change, hopefully in the very near future. A move to 2048 bit keys is suggested in the article.
I'm posting this here because we write the software...
If your software needs to interface with secure systems (HTTPS) then you may need to look closely at how trustworthy those systems are, now.