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Full Version: How to access server other folder
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Hello friends

For testing, I download & setup CI4 on my local development PC. to set document root path I set up the virtual host. Now my question is if I do this on hosting server then how can I access server other folders. By default, it's not set to PUBLIC folder as a document root. when we request to our domain its point to root path and then if we call any folder then simply call that folder by '/folder-name'. for an example : 

Domain :

Folder : ABC

call server folder :

now if set document root path to then how we can access the ABC & other folders ?
Try using filesystem helper
(10-19-2016, 03:27 AM)ridho Wrote: [ -> ]Try using filesystem helper

for can example I put the mini application on ABC folder when I call , that application called (this application is not build using CI).

Filesystem helper is part of CI framework.
Put the folders in the public folder, and point the webroot to the public folder, then you should be fine.

Or, you could go back to a more traditional "flat" layout by moving things out of the public folder, and editing the paths in index.php.