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Full Version: Hours spent on computer?
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I'm just curious.

How many hours you guys spent everyday programming, working and studying in front of your computer?
Do you also work in saturday and sundays?

Thans in advance.
about 14 minimum
12 hours seems a normal "day" and 7 days a week is too. It helps to be "self-employed" because I would never do this working for someone else.

Yes, I have a life, but it revolves around what I like doing, so I don't feel deprived, or over-worked. There are occasional breaks, mini-vacations as-it-were, when I go out and wonder at the bright light in the sky or ask why water is falling on me.
I spend around 14 hours working for myself, programming with my own website, studying a lot of docs about SEO, API's and other relevant info to increase my intelect.
I'll try 12 hours.

14 hours is too long I guess.
At least 14 hours some times over 14 hours.
10 hours Big Grin
I agree, 14 hours minimum. This is bad. I have dark shades around eyes.
Yahh   ... I am fully my time spend in frond of the computer.I am worked with news editor.Effected our neurology system and eyes.thank you for sharing this information.
At least 9 hours a day. Not working on Saturday and Sunday, but still open computer too for just browsing or learning.
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