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Full Version: CodeIgniter 3.1.2 released
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CodeIgniter 3.1.2 was released today, with some security fixes, bug fixes and enhancements.

Security: Fixed some xss_clean() vulnerabilities in the Security library.

Enhancements: allowing PHP4 style constructors for routes.

Bug fixes: for the Query Builder and Session library.

This is recommended for all users of version 3. Download v3.1.2 now, and we encourage you to read the changelog, and to check the directions for upgrading from a previous version.

Thank you very much Development Team.
thank you ,good job for good team, waiting for the next step Smile
thanks for responding so quickly to this.
so fast! Fantastic
Still waiting for news for 4.0
thank you very much.
so fast and hard working
Great, now bug with my backend part removed. Thanks!
Thank you!
Great job! Big Grin
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