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Full Version: CodeIgniter 2 documentation broken references
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Is it possible to fix old CodeIgniter documentation links? Codeigniter version 2?

For example, this old link which refers to "fil helper"...

Redirects to this page :

The redirection should be :

There is actually tons of old but useful and precious CI 2 Q&A threads over the web that contains CI 2 references. All theses references now redirect people to a broken link ->

Is there someone from codeigniter able to fix that issue?
Short answer - no.

EllisLab is redirecting the original CI2 documentation links to, but it is not up to them how they might be mapped on our server, so it has to be a general redirection on their part.

On the bright side, Google will eventually "clue in", and treat as the "definitive" domain for the docs.

In the meantime, users will have to re-search within the CI2 docs on our site to find what they were looking for. <sigh>