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Full Version: restfull Webservices Issues
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Hi to all ,

We Are Using Restfull Webservices in CI.
I am Facing Some Issues In Sending Response To End User .. Plz Check My Code and Give Some Solutions ..

Task : If application User Update User Profile Then I will Send The Notifications To all Remain Register Users ..

[php] $result = "Siva Updated Profile";
$notify_to_friends = $this->notify_model->send_notification($userId); // Send Notification ToRemain Register Users
$this->response(array("status"=>"1","msg"=>$result)); // Send Status Response To App USer

If I am Use The Code . First Send Notifications to Remain Register Users . after that Response Reach To end User .. Its More Time Taken to reach The Status To application User..

Query : Is it Possible To First Send Response To Application User and After that Send Notification To Remain Register Users ..