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Full Version: URI routing regexp
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Hi there.
Well I've been enjoying CI for a few years now but I still havent got the hang of using regexp in my URI routing in routes.php
I was hoping for a bit of help if possible.

I am trying to route all requests for URI's that contain another URL.
For example:

the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] would be like:

I was using:
but this doesn't catch the 3rd example

I'm wondering if I should either use one of those very long regexp's that look for a valid url and allow for the proceeding forward slash.

Another idea was to look for a period ('.'), But I didnt want to match.

If anyone could help with this expression I really would be very grateful. I could even send a few dollars. I've been trying to fix this for days (and nights)

I posted a couple of links for you on your stack overflow question that 'might' help (although probably not TBH). May I ask why you are trying to deal with such horrible urls? Could you not format the urls to be a bit more useable in some way or are you not in control of them. (Like
Hi there.
Thanks for your reply and the links you posted on stack overflow.
Yes, it does seem pretty horrible.
The uri is entered by a user into the browser address bar so i cant really change that.
my challenge is how to recognize that a user is adding another url onto the end of my url, regardless of whether they include the http, www, etc.