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Full Version: How to create an extensible system(themes, plugins, etc)?
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Hello guys.

I need help understanding how to create my own extensible system, so that it can receive new functionality through plugins, templates, vqmod, etc.

About templates, I already do it my way and it works reasonably well, but I wanted someone to explain to me (if possible with an example) a more appropriate way to do it all; This is because my method still does not follow a universal pattern and needs code changes according to the template in use.

I want to understand how to do this so that I can leave my systems similar to running popular CMS such as Wordpress, OpenCart, etc. I say this because they use a single code structure, for example templates, and you do not have to change the main code to work in other templates, for example.

I am grateful to everyone who can help me understand how all this works so I can apply it to my projects.

Hug to everyone