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Full Version: CodeIgniter 3.1.3 Released
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4 is going nice Wink

Thanks @jlp.
Thank you very much.
Great news, Thanks!
Thanks for the update buddy.
(01-09-2017, 10:14 AM)jlp Wrote: [ -> ]CodeIgniter 3.1.3 was released today, with some critical security fixes, as well as numerous bug fixes.

Security: Fixed an email handling issue, and an XSS vulnerability, as well as some CSRF hardening.

Bug fixes: for the Database, Email, File Uploading, Image Manipulation, Input, Loader, Output, Query Builder, Session, and XML-RPC libraries; as well as for the Date helper and the bootstrap file.

This is recommended for all users of version 3. Download v3.1.3 now, and we encourage you to read the changelog, and to check the directions for upgrading from a previous version.

Thank you!
Thanks for update...
Thanks for the updates.
Thanks a lot for the much-needed details.
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