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Full Version: Creating multilanguage site
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I'm familiar with lang helper and lang library, but I was wondering if there is a better way to do this. I don't really like the fact, that my views are a bunch of html code containing nothing but variables.

Is there a solution where a view would contain actual text and the CI would recognize that text when loading the view and changed the text according to user language setting? I know I could create multiple versions of the same view (one for every language), but that would mean making changes to the same html code in multiple places, which is again a bad idea.

Thank you!
No I'm sorry, you get the idea perfectly. You either use variables in your views so it's all dynamic, or use more static views. Personaly I use dynamic views with almost the full english words/sentices put in the language helper function. That helps making the view file more readable.
You can try my library that uses PHP gttext may be it can help you