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Full Version: Message: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started a
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This error show up when add line input in view and controller like this and the result is

please help me, i don't know how to solve it.
i searched in stackoverflow, but there is no whitespace or etc
I think the problem is in the aspirasi_model->tambah. Does exist the uid_aspirasi in the database and in the model?
If you get an 'headers already send' error then there [strong]always[/strong] is some output already send to the browser before you are trying to send another header command.

Most common mistake is that you use closing php tag at the end of a file and mistakenly add a line line or space after it. Thats why closing php tags at the end of a file are bad practice.
@dycas Diederik is right, most of the cases that error occurred due to php tag.You have to check the each lines.

you can do in one way like if you declare end php (?>) tag, please remove it may be the error should be solved.