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Full Version: How to concatenate and minify JS files
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Hi folks,
I'm sorry if I'm asking a trivial question but I'm not an expert...

I have many JS files into my website that must be loaded into a single page. I know that generally is possible to concatenate and minify all files to make a single call to webserver but my question is:

Is possible to concatenate and minify JS files in CodeIgniter or more generally, how can I achieve this result? For more informations I have a webserver in which is not present Node.JS.

One alternative that I know is concatenate files with a 3rd party tool and then add a custom option in CI config to decide if files must be loaded one by one or the single merged but it would be a complete custom (and manually) procedure...
Hi there,
I am also interesting how to solve this problem.
You can use to minifi js
You can simply concatenate minified js strings in PHP and save them to js file.
(02-02-2017, 09:13 AM)usmanikram Wrote: [ -> ]User Gulp

Here is a good tutorial:

Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for.
..or you can try my library (

Haven't updated it for quite some time but no one complained yet. The usage instruction can be found here: