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Full Version: Image upload support in wysiwyg
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this would be a repeat question for many of us here but still I need help. I use CI for the project of NewsPortal website. I have done the website but the text editor I use CKEditor / TinyMCE doesnt support the image upload feature in the wysiwyg editor area. Since this is a newsportal website, the client seriously want to image insert into the article feature in the editing panel. I tried to use some plugins but nothing happened lucky so far. 

Need a help on this.
You need an add on file manager to do it here is the one I use.

RESPONSIVE filemanager v 9.11.3
I'm using KCFinder but it looks like a deadware now so I'm finding an alternative one

RichFilemanager is under development but very promising.
you have many options i wrote an article about (Best free file manager alternatives to CKFinder) ,but my best choice is Elfinder