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Full Version: problem with loading views in Internet Explorer
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I am having a problem with viewing my website in Internet Explorer.
There is seems to be a problem with my codes that force users to download a file instead of displaying the web page.

My site is in Persian/Farsi language. but if you visit these pages in IE: ORĀ ,you will understand.
Do you have any ideas ?

I hope i haven't opened up a duplicated topic.

Thank you.
You may have better luck if you explained the issue instead of asking people to visit your site.
Sorry man. you are right.
I found the problem but still i don't know why this line of code cause this problem.
The problem is that i inserted
PHP Code:

function __construct();

Do you know why this caused this ?
Yep, 'application_json' is not a valid MIME type.

'application/json' is
(03-20-2017, 10:43 AM)Narf Wrote: [ -> ]Yep, 'application_json' is not a valid MIME type.

'application/json' is

'application/json' also didn't work in IE 11.
but text/x-json seems to work.