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Full Version: single signon codeigniter with csrf
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Hi all codeigniter gurus i have some questions about the logic and ideas of how to use a single sign on on codeigniter with csrf?

for example i have a site which is called when i login on this all its subdomain will login as well

anybody have ideas on how do i implement this on codeigniter? i have tried using an ajax to submit as well but its not working it keeps at 500 i have disable its csrf to false its not working as well any thoughts?
Could you send us some code and what you've done so far, regarding your question? We'd really appreciate it if you can narrow things down further.
Have you read CodeIgniter's documentation on the Security class? CSRF is covered there already.
You would need to pass an encrypted message through a cookie saved on the users system,
then do a auto-login on each sub-domain.

Similar to a remember me cookie.
If you want to use SSO within the same domain name (so across different sub-domains of the same domain) then you can easily share the same session between all of them.