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Full Version: session & multi subdomains
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i create a website with codegneiter and i have a subdomain builded by simple PHP,
and i have user login from main url or blog.. my problem when user connect from blog and go to main url (codegneiter) must relogin agian from site!!
how i can when user logged from blog and go to main site see his account not need relogin again?!
please explain me step by step because i'm ,new with codegneiter..

You have a limit set on your cookie domain path most likely.. look in the docs how to set the cookie path and set it to '' rather than '' or ''.

please can gve me full example?
(03-16-2017, 08:18 AM)pws Wrote: [ -> ]hello,
please can gve me full example?

Please share the URL of both sites that you are dealing with.. thx.