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Full Version: CI_Validation has a deprecated constructor
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Which version of CI will be ready for PHP7.x?

I am currently running 3.1.3 and some web-hoster just won't let you use error_reporting = ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_NOTICE & E_ALL
to be able to get rid of these deprecated messages.


CI runs on PHP 7 just fine, and has for a long time.
There's no CI_Validation class in CI - I don't know where you got that from, but that's your problem.
Did you check to see what version of PHP they were running?

There was an older version of PHP that showed that error can not remember the version
but I remember getting it and had to turn it off in php.ini.
well the system/libraries/validation.php is most definitely a codeigniter file but it might be a remnant of an old CI version.

find the first few lines down below.

* CodeIgniter
* An open source application development framework for PHP 4.3.2 or newer
* @package CodeIgniter
* @author ExpressionEngine Dev Team
* @copyright Copyright © 2008 - 2009, EllisLab, Inc.
* @license
* @link
* @since Version 1.0
* @filesource

// ------------------------------------------------------------------------

* Validation Class
* @package CodeIgniter
* @subpackage Libraries
* @category Validation
* @author ExpressionEngine Dev Team
* @link
class CI_Validation {

var $CI;
var $error_string = '';
var $_error_array = array();
var $_rules = array();
var $_fields = array();
var $_error_messages = array();
var $_current_field = '';
var $_safe_form_data = FALSE;
var $_error_prefix = '<p>';
var $_error_suffix = '</p>';

* Constructor
If you upgraded and followed the instructions then all you needed to do was copy over the ./system folder.