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Full Version: CodeIgniter 3.1.4 released
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CodeIgniter 3.1.4 was released today, with some security and bug fixes.

Security: Fixed byte-safety handling in the encryption code, and a header injection.

Bug fixes: for the Database, Input, Loader, Session libraries; and for the Html, Text & common functions helpers.
Also updated the Query Builder and Profiler.

Enhancements: Image library.

This is recommended for all users of version 3. Download v3.1.4 now, and we encourage you to read the changelog, and to check the directions for upgrading from a previous version.
Thank you very much for your hard work and keep CI updated.
FYI, yes - we know the release date is wrong, my bad. Smile
Oh, very thanks.
Nice, great thank you all sir!
(03-20-2017, 10:42 AM)Narf Wrote: [ -> ]FYI, yes - we know the release date is wrong, my bad. Smile

I though you intended to do that sir, because i see you last commit in branch 3.1.4 in repo. then i look in my laptop's calendar.
Thank you very much, I appreciate your hard working
Thank you Development Team for your very hard work.
Thank you for this update CI DevTeam! You're efforts are much appreciated.
Thank you very much !
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