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Full Version: Weird Codeigniter behaviour.
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so i came up with two problems today. I was just editing bootstrap files when suddenly something stopped working in codeigniter, first of all when I enter any website section added by me, I see following:

File not found

I checked header in chrome, so I know it's 404, why Codeigniter 404 handling doesn't work? I still use development enviroment. Secondly it happened suddenly in my whole website, at any subpage of my website defined in routes, I see message as written above...I found temporary solution:

Before I used .htaccess that way:

PHP Code:
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
^(.*)$ index.php/$[L]

It is still working in live websites created by me. I really can't find a solution to this weird thing. I bet that any super advanced user of that great framework can point out what gone wrong. Please tell me what do You need to inspect that case, I will provide necessary details and informations.

Cheers.  Confused


Ok, problem solved. Something messed up with compiled modules by server operators, everything fine now.