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Full Version: AthenaEMR - a open EMR platform built on CI3
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Hi guys,

I been learning CodeIgniter for months and just started on building my project using CI3, while it wasn't fancy or anything I think to share my project with the community.

AthenaEMR - An open-source simple, user-friendly EMR management built on PHP targeted at small medical practice.

Screenshot :

Github link :

Demo site
Azure development site. // I reset the database every 7 days.

This is the credentials if you want to try.
Username : admin
Username : dianyuliana
Username : gemawardian
Username : iandamien
Username : brianrobinson
Username : annisabaharmin
Username : sukarmannugraha
All password are the same as their username.

While the project is still in early stage of development, I hope you guys could download and try it out.

Any suggestion are appreciated.

Thanks. Big Grin
Nice Job!

Do you use any template library and create your own design?
Looks like it was built using this:

Edit: In fact I just noticed it is attributed in the credits:

Quote:FlatAdmin - MIT License
Charuwit Nodthaisong

Not overly keen on this myself, IMHO I think it looks a bit messy/overly complicated.

But having said that, it is open source and is his first project so well done on that.