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Full Version: Which browser do you guys recommend?
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Hey Guys

On a slightly related point, which browser do you guys use and most recommend?
I use IE Firefox and Chrome for testing apps.
Firefox for general use. Chrome for dev.
Firefox for all Dev, test with Chrome and Konqueror.
Privat Vivaldi. In the company Firefox/Chrome/IE11
Chrome here.
I run two versions of Firefox at the same time. Firefox #1 is an older version so I can use Firebug/FirePHP. Firefox #2 is the current version, and I benefit from the current set of developer tools. Also, Firefox has the developer toolbar, and that allows for quick access to delete cookies, disable cookies, turn on/off the cache, turn on/off DNS cache, check headers, and much more.

Running two versions at once covered here:
I use Firefox Developers edition primaraly and others only for testing purposes.
Firefox when not creating AMP pages and the following excellent HTML free validator:

And Vivaldi for the best AMP Addon validator:

Both Addons run in the background, after the page has rendered. Success, warnings and failed result icons are displayed in the toolbar. Also with help and links to relevant errors.
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