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Full Version: CodeIgniter 3.1.5 Released
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CodeIgniter 3.1.5 was released today, with one security fix and some bug fixes.

Security: Fixed email address handling in the form validation library.

Bug fixes: Database Forge, Email, Query Builder and XML-RPC libraries; and the Inflector helper.

Enhancements: Form helper.

This is recommended for all users of version 3. Download v3.1.5 now, and we encourage you to read the changelog, and to check the directions for upgrading from a previous version.
Thank you Development Team.
Thanks, good job!!
Thank you guys!
CodeIgniter rulez... Big Grin
thanks, still going perfectly.
using vue.js and codeigniter, happy forever.
Many thanks!
Thanks very much for all your work.
This will keep me busy for a few days to update all the sites.
Thank you CI team Smile
Thank you all.
thank you ..
Long Live ... Codeigniter..!
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