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Full Version: Efficient way to convert my project from CI version 2.1.4 to CI version 3.1.5
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Can anybody please provide me with the resources for version conversion i.e from Codeigniter 2.1.4 to Codeigniter 3.1.5.

I have a decently built web site (Link: How long will it take for the conversion?. Is the conversion worth the time spent?

Experts please respond.
You will need to follow the upgrading instructions one by one starting here
I have migrated several project to 3.1.4 and its defo worth the effort.
Its difficult to tell you how long it will take as it depends on how many controller and model you have and how extensively have to added your own libraries, etc etc.
It depends on how much you care about the site.

If you don't mind a buggy, insecure old framework that is no longer supported - stick with what you have.

If you want an up to date, road-tested, stable and secure framework for your site, upgrading is worth it.

When I do it I am very naughty. I get a spare domain, install CI3, set the configs to whatever I need including a test database (by opening the old config and new config and copying over what I can). Copy over the old database, then copy over all the old site files. Capitalise the controllers and models etc. all appropriately. Then test it and start debugging.

As rtenny said above, how long it takes depends on your site.

For some sites, I just took the opportunity to rewrite most it from scratch anyway. Never a bad option for a straight forward site, or for very complex sites, where the codebase has been evolved so much that it is a pretty complex mess of upgrades, developments and alterations.

Overall though, it is definitely worth the effort IMHO.

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