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Full Version: sharing controller
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I want to share one controller between several applications.
I find solution for views and models using
PHP Code:
$autoload['packages'] = array('../GestionHabilitations_ThirdParty'); 
but it doesn't work for controllers.

Is it possible ?

CodeIgniter - Users Guide

Look at the MY_Controller - in Creating Core System Classes.
Community Auth is a third party package that has an example controller, and an encryption key controller. Installation instructions simply tell the dev to move the controllers to application/controllers. If copy and paste is too hard to do, then maybe instructions can tell the dev to have their mom do it? All kidding aside, whoever is going to use the package must do a little work and/or reading documentation for the package. It's not unrealistic to include some controllers they will have to move.
Thank you InsiteFX & shunkbad.
I will try MY_Controller later.