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Full Version: Compesh - Question and answer website
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I've made a question and answer website with Codeigniter called Compesh. The website is responsive.
I'll let the website speak for itself.

Launch Compesh
The CSS is okay, but the website's goal is interesting, although a bit vague. From what I can tell, Compesh is about pitting novel unique ideas and having civil discussion that will result in confirming a truth or debunking the idea (tearing it apart). Is this correct?

The only difference between this site and Quora/Stack Excahnge network is that Compesh permits discussion while Quora/Stack Exchange require specific answers to specific questions.

I think your site would benefit from a niche angle. For example, I may want a site similar to yours but it will be focused on pointing out intentional evils in our society (nefarious government behavior and conspiracies) almost all in complete speculation (statistics would be helpful but never mandatory.