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Full Version: Debug Bar getting in the way
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I have a controller that among other things downloads a csv file. But my downloaded file contains my data plus the debug bar html code! How do I get rid of this?

PHP Code:
public function download_names($rcseq)
$db = new \App\Libraries\NcrsEbnDb();
$rows $db->getRCNames($rcseq);
header("Content-type: text/csv");
header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=names-$rcseq.csv");
        foreach (
$rows as $row)
$row['NAME'] . "\r\n";
I don't think it's possible to turn that off at the moment, actually. Would be a good thing for a pull request, though. Smile
Looks like setting
define('CI_DEBUG', 0);

in Config/Boot/development.php turns it off. 
Oh - yeah, or you can turn it off in the filters config file, too. I was thinking you meant just turn it off for a single call. Nothing like that is implemented yet. Sorry for the confusion.
Is it much of a job to load the toolbar CSS script in the header to prevent HTML validation errors?