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Full Version: Session login problems with PHP file_get_contents and CURL
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I have created an ajax controller with static data to set the login session for a user. If i go to this controller with browser (link: http: // localhost: 8888 / index.php / sessions / ajax / setsession) works and the session works correctly: the user is logged on my soft.

The AJAX controller code:

PHP Code:

$session_data = array(
   'user_type' => '1',
   'user_id' => '1',
   'user_name' => 'Luca',
   'user_email' => '[email protected]',
   'user_company' => ''

If i try to do this with php (file_get_contents) or php (curl), the system does not work, the sessions are not created and the user is not logged.

I have read the session library and i think there is a block on your code or similar stuff.

Is this the problem? What is the solution?

Please help me to solve.
Firstly you need to know what is the AJAX.
After that you can push login data to your link: http: // localhost: 8888 / index.php / sessions / ajax / setsession
After that can try print_r($this->session->userdata); there you can see your session info.