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Full Version: Codeigniter Session
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I am using codeigniter v2.2 .

I have create 25 subdomain module there use different different database for particulr subdomain wise and store session in different different database ci_session table

Now, I want to logout in one subdomain to all subdomain automatically logout any subdomain  click on logout than logout all sub domain.

if one sub domain already login when i open other subdomain than automatically login that working good but logout not working.

who i can do this 

Please send me reply 
That really depends on how you are achieving your log in status. Usually for logout you destroy the session, so perhaps you need to destroy the sessions for all the subdomains (assuming they each have a separate session).

V2.* has many issues and I know that the way sessions were done was a big one. Perhaps you are now butting heads with a core problem with v2.