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Full Version: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on the tutorial
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My name is Raúl and this is my first post here, in this case my first problem.

I've finished the CodeIgniter tutorial with MAMP and I have this error:

The [:: 1] page has refused the connection.

twice: when I clic the link "View article" (News section) and when I clic the button "Create news item".

If somebody has had the same problem and he or she has found the solution, please tell me what can I do.

Thank you very much,
check your database config file such as config/database.php
I assume that you click on those links then it should perform some queries to get you results then output to the view
Hi ciadvantage! Thank you for your answer.

I can see the news, so I assumed that there isn't any problem with the DB. I followed all the tutorial step by step and the only problem is about that connexion error.
It's not a DB problem. Your web server is not responding on that address/port.

Either it crashed, or you set it up on a custom port, but then didn't set that in your base_url in the CI config.
Hi Narf Smile

YEAH!!! That was the problem! I didn't put anything in my base_url.

Thank you very much for your help!!!