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Full Version: Debugger Tool like in Yii2
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Having a debug tool which holds all the requests (Ex., Past 50 requests, Query, POST/GET/REQUEST data, Library & response) triggered by user is much easier to view the flow when developed with the REST calls. 
Appreciate if the debug tool looks like in Yii2 Debug with the bootstrap view. 
Please refer the below image(s) for reference

[Image: debug%20window.jpg]

[Image: 1408964113Yii2_debugger.png]

[Image: log-messages.jpg]

I have an experience using profiling for debugging but that holds the current page data, lasts once the page refresh or redirect.

Thanks & Expecting the response.
You can just use the Web Browsers development tools and view the log files.
You're absolutely right that something like that would be pretty cool. And it's on my wish list for sometime in the future to completely revisit the profiler to make it a little more like that or Symfony's. If you want to speed up to process, we invite you to build it and submit a PR for it. We'd love to see that.

I think that's what you;re looking for?