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Full Version: How to make Isotope work with multi-filters and sort ascending / descending?
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I’m trying to create a multi-filter menu of which one drop-down is to sort by most popular to the least popular.

When I select “most” and “least” from the drop-down for the FIRST TIME, it works as expected. However, when I go to select “most” for a second time, the sort doesn’t work.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Here’s my code snippet:

// On popular selection
     $( '#popular' ).on('change', 'select', function () {
     var $this = $(this);

     // Get the data-category attribute from the selection made
     var $rank = $this.children('Confusedelected').val();

     // Here's where the code breaks when a user selects a drop-down selection after the first time
     if ($rank === 'most') {
     $cards.isotope({sortBy: 'rank'});
     } else {
       $cards.isotope({sortBy: 'rank', sortAscending: false});

Any ideas what might be causing the issue?
Maybe this will help not sure.

Confusedelected Selector