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Full Version: Any one know where i can get free istockphoto type images for my website
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Hi, I know this not a codeigniter question bit

I would like to now where I can get any free images from Similar to these website responsive images below.

I have googled some I free sites but when I click on image goes to places where you still have to pay for them even though says free its a bit deceiving 

See: Mockup Categories

Welcome To Photoshop Files .Com

3,939 Mockup Psd

 If you need any of these convert I can do it for you.
Unsplash is my current go-to.
Thanks all for share the links
I use frequently for blog posts.
I usually go to Freepik for free mockup PSD's.
Also, you might want to try...
(10-10-2017, 04:45 AM)MatridTech Wrote: [ -> ]You can see if this site helps you:

or even this:

These are really useful resources. Thanks for sharing. I am going to use them for some of my works. I hope they don't ask any payment.
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