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Full Version: multiple databases connectivity
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I have the following code in model to connect to another database.

PHP Code:
        $db_name $this->session->userdata('db_name');
        $this->anotherDb $this->load->database($db_nameTRUE); 

but if I try to query in another model using the anoterDb using the following:

PHP Code:
        $query=$this->anotherDb->query("SELECT fieldValue
                                 FROM settings
                                 WHERE fieldName ="
                      $fieldValue $query['fieldValue']; 

Quote:Message: Undefined property: Users::$anotherDb

to remove this error I need to reconnect to above database "anotherDb" in every model.
How can I solve this?

How can I make some global variable to be used in every model?
To make the alternate database available to multiple models make the property $anotherDb a member of the controller. Set the property in the controller's constructor.

PHP Code:
Class Welcome extends CI_Controller
   public $anotherDb;

   function __construct()
       $db_name $this->session->db_name;
            $this->anotherDb $this->load->database($db_nameTRUE);
              throw new Exception('Second database name not found.');