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Full Version: User agent
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i am not able to get correct browser name using user_agent function

 i tried the following code and did not get perfect output.

      if ($this->agent->is_browser())
              $agent = $this->agent->browser().' '.$this->agent->version();
      elseif ($this->agent->is_robot())
              $agent = $this->agent->robot();
      elseif ($this->agent->is_mobile())
              $agent = $this->agent->mobile();
              $agent = 'Unidentified User Agent';
      echo $agent.'<bR>'.$this->input->ip_address();
      echo $this->agent->agent_string().'<br>';
      echo $this->agent->platform();

i also added the name name of browser in the user_agents.php in browser but that is not working please help