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Full Version: Error Message Date()
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[img]file:///E:/Capture.PNG[/img]Greeting from Indonesia.. 

Sorry for my bad English.I have an error message related to date(). does anyone know what's wrong? [Image: open?id=0BwNIU4hpNNhXYUdRcUg3bHIwd0E][Image: open?id=0BwNIU4hpNNhXYUdRcUg3bHIwd0E]
I cannot see your image. Can you copy/paste the error message?
You haven't specified a timezone. In your php.ini, look for date.timezone and change it into a correct value. All values can be found here:

date.timezone = "Europe/Stockholm"
Just use this as your time zone
date_default_timezone_set ("Asia/Jakarta");
in root index.php file and also call date Helper in config.php file