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Full Version: [SOLVED] Form validation in 3.1.7
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The validation rule valid_email in CI's 3.1.7 form validation, doesn't work anymore.

PHP Code:

In 3.1.6 there's no problem.
In 3.1.7 I get the error "The field E-mail must contain a valid email address".

I'm using this rule in my sign-up form.
In the callback function I check if the email address already exists in the user table, or if there's a former sign-up request for the same e-mail address.
Do you know if the validation error is being produced by the "valid_email" check or by the "callback_email_check?"

Narrow that down first. If it's the callback, can you post its code?
The error message came from CI's valid_email rule, not from my callback.
But today, the issue miraculously disappeared! Yesterday, I did a roll-back to 3.1.6 (I still had that folder on the server: system_316). On my local host, I couldn't reproduce the error on 3.1.7. So I renamed system back to system_316, and system_317 to system. I tried again, and now it's working.