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Full Version: path error
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I have just installed codeigniter.  I get to the point where the welcome page is displayed.  My base url is  When I type or, I get the welcome screen.  When I type, I am redirected somewhere else.  What am I doing wrong?  Hope I have provided enough information.

Did you follow the installation instructions ( )? It might be a simple configuration issue.
(01-30-2018, 10:49 AM)php_rocs Wrote: [ -> ]@joeinatlanta,

Did you follow the installation instructions ( )?  It might be a simple configuration issue.

Yes, very simple.  the default controller is 'welcome',  my base url is "".  When I enter or everything works ok.  the problem starts when I put the slash after index.  Theoretically, should be the same thing as since I have not modified any controllers.  Am I missing something?

What is the value of $route['default_controller'] in routes.php (location: application->config->routes.php)? It should be 'Welcome'.
Where are you directed to by the way? I forgot to ask.
Yes, to your question of default_controller = Welcome. Let me ask the same question from a different perspective. In any configuration the "/" is used to parse folder information. Until faced with this situation, I have never thought what happens when you parse a file "index.php" and supply a "/" as the first argument. I don't know if there is a setting in my configuration that defines how to resolve it. When i execute everything works as expected. It's when I add the "/" at the end that my site does not know I'm supplying a program and not a folder.
Just to close this thread and hopefully help others in the future. The problem was my internet provider (GODADDY). Not sure what is different in their setup, but I was able to correct the problem by adding a question mark. From, to Thanks for your help.