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Full Version: Long journey, from geocities to CI
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Hi everyone, i like to share my journey story (sorry for my English)

In 2000, i begin to create web by using free one from geocities. Yess it works for me. For a non coder like me, it is very happy to have website without writing lines of codes. But geocities is only has very limited features, than i move to something like phpnuke. Then i move to a new one like Mambo and Joomla. I enjoyed doing it, because i cant coding, but able to have website running, it makes me happy. But then i realize that user need customized feature that must done by coding. So i start to learn native PHP. But it makes me tired, because i am not a good coder and must do all by myself. So in the end of 2017, I tried  framework, luckily, i try CI, because it is friendly for a beginner like me and the forum is great.

So now i still struggling in learning it,,but its ok, i will try to be a good coder. Thanks everyone for reading.
Every Journey begins with the first step forward.

Good Luck.