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Full Version: PHP, Good Reads and more...
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I like to read interesting articles about PHP, so I frequent the site ( ) which pulls interesting articles about PHP and programming from around the internet. Today there was an article about Developer comics by titled "Our 20 Favorite Web Dev Comics of All Time" ( ).  Enjoy!
#1 and #14 are my favorites.
And more good PHP reading...

phpweekly ( ) and
php architect ( )
You can create your website mobile friendly using PHP. Check this out
I always love a good laugh with tech comics. Thank you @php_rocs for sharing this post. I knew XKCD and now I will investigate others.
If you are into php, you might be interested in this one -

It is an interesting case study showing how updating language version can boost speed of development - screens and numbers are there Smile - A good site if you want to see (or search) popular PHP code on github.
FYI... an article about the new features of PHP 7.3 appeared ( ) and believe it or not CI was mentioned in it.