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Full Version: Required Validation
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I was testing the required_without validation rule, then I observed it's not working as I thought it is/was supposed to. 

I was expecting the rule to return a required response if the field passed into the rule does not exit in the form or the field is empty, just like laravel does. 

Please do enlighten me.
You're right, that's how it should work. If it doesn't currently, please post an issue with details and code examples.
Hello, this doesn't work for me either, or I am doing something wrong. I checked the issues on it in Github and they're all closed...
PHP Code:
$validation = \Config\Services::validation();
    'username' => ['label' => 'Login''rules' => 'required_without[phone,email]|max_length[30]'],
    'password' => ['label' => 'Pass''rules' => 'required|min_length[4]|max_length[30]'],
    'first_name' => ['label' => 'Name''rules' => 'max_length[30]'],
    'email' => ['label' => 'Your email''rules' => 'permit_empty|required_without[username,phone]|valid_email|max_length[60]'],
    'phone' => ['label' => 'Your phone''rules' => 'permit_empty|required_without[username,email]|alpha_numeric|max_length[25]']
$_POST['submit'])) {
    if($validation->withRequest($this->request)->run()) {
        echo 'success';

Is something wrong here? I'm trying to force the user to write either username, email, or phone