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Full Version: qantities are not writted in the db
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hello, I don't know codeigniter. The dev is gone away and the customer asked me to change anything into the css and to add a line total for each order in a table. I did it directly in the php files. And it works. But when I tested the cart I seen that the quantities are not saved when I confirm the cart. I asked at a friend to test it and the first time he did it with the same account, it worked and I seen the good quantities in the db. But if he make a new order, quantities are not saved. And in the db all qty are again 1.
is it possible to correct it directly in a php file and wich one ?
I hope I'm understandable I'm frenche :-)
Thanks a lot for your help !
You will need to learn more about codeigniter. You will need to become familiar with the concepts of model, view, and controller.
css is in the view. Changes to view (css, javascript, html, embedded PHP) must be supported by the controller and the model.
You will have to understand your application well enough to ask a question with the right amount of detail.