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Full Version: regex_match and accented characters
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I'm new member of this forum.
I use form_validation to validate a form.

I need to accept accented characters for inputs. 
To do it, I use a rule in my config array :
'rules' => array('required','regex_match[/^[\w\-\[email protected]]{1,30}$/]' ),

However, this regexp don't accept accented characters.
As a workaround, I can add accented characters , for exemple :
'rules' => array('required','regex_match[/^[\w\-\[email protected]àéèù]{1,30}$/]' ),

But I don't like this workaround.
How can I do ? What is the adequate regexp ?

Thanks a lot for your help
You need to add u for unicode.
/^[\w\-\[email protected]]{1,30}$/u

Personally I use these two:

$config['error_alpha_numeric_spaces_dash'] = '/^[\w\s-_]+/u';
$config['error_alpha_numeric_spaces_dash_colon'] = '/^[\w\s:-_]+/u';

And use min_length[1] and max_length[30] instead of limiting the regular expression. So that I can re use it later.