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Full Version: post more value in href tag
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I want to pass my dropdown value to the controller .

when i click this add button only one value can pass.

<a href="'.site_url("").'User/addsubjects/'.$row['subcode'].'" class="btn btn-info">Add</a> </td>';

can i able to pass two values (dropdown ,subcode) values to the controller
Drop-down is browser side, so while technically you can add more attributes to URL, and your Controller can pick these up, you would either had to build a JS script that appends to href value, or you would have to change A tag to a Form submission:

<from action="<?= site_url("").'User/addsubjects/'.$row['subcode'] ?>" method="POST">
<select name="dropdown">...</select>
<input type="text" name="subcode">

PHP Code:
// Controller
public function addsubject()
   $dropdown $this->input->post('dropdown');
   $subcode $this->input->post('subcode');

Also, a quick note, to make code more readable, you should add all URL attributes inside site_url function like this
PHP Code:

Both ways technically work, but this is tidier and intended way.