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Full Version: disable/hide button using condition in controller
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how to disable.hide one submit button (Register) in the controller

My query should be like this

 $query = $this->db->query("select count(*) as cnt from student where brcode=$brdata and sem=$semester and inst_code=$inst_code");
        $row = $query-> row_array ();
        $max_id = $row ['cnt']; 
        $max_id1 = (int) ($max_id);
        $cntt = $max_id1;

        if ( $cntt > 0 )
          Disable button Register how?
enable button Register }
If you are not already using views, you should consider it, but here's a simple example how to pass data to view and then in view display different HTML, depending on values.

PHP Code:
public function index()
// ...


// data to pass to view
$data = [
'showRegistrationButton' => $showRegistrationButton,
'pageTitle' => 'My page title'


View file:
PHP Code:
<h1><?= $pageTitle ?></h1>
<?php if ($showRegistrationButton) : ?>
    <a href="<?= site_url('registration-controller'?>">Register</a>
<?php else: ?>
    <div>Already registered</div>
<?php endif ?>