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Full Version: CSS Bootstrap
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just request: maybe codeigniter-4 needs to provide the latest bootstrap facilities, so we don't have to download the css template when we start creating a new website
Bootstrap is very popular, but it is only one of the CSS frameworks out there.
It would be a mistake to force that onto CI developers who wish to use a different one, similar to the problem of choosing just one auth package or templating engine.
Downloading CSS framework is not going to be that much of an overhead to a developer, and like ciadmin said, it's only one of many possible options.

I'd prefer if CI will stay true to it's core and follow the "un-opinionated" route oppose to another frameworks.

However, this leaves room for a product, built on top of CI4 framework, that comes with coupled CSS framework, admin control panel etc, out of the box Wink

The beauty of CI is that it gives you the basic framework and let's you pick and choose the pieces you wish to work with. No lock in to a specific CSS/JS framework or template system or ...
I concur with the other posters.

Just add Bootstrap yourself. It doesn't need to come with CI4.

CI should not have an opinion on this.

(by the way I asked the same question about jQuery a year or so ago - I have come to accept that CI should not be opinionated on the front end stuff)
I absolutely agree, CSS should remain the developers choice.
Like wise CSS Bootstrap etc; Should be up to the Developer.


I'd echo all above, otherwise it becomes more of a CMS rather than a framework.

Additionally, not EVERYONE uses bootstrap as their defacto HTML template(s)
It is logical by default that CI comes without any 3rd party frontend dependency.

Those days frontend part is often managed and developed with NPM and at the same time even without NPM it is really fast to add anything that u need. The only need that should be handled are views coming from the core in case that you have to add some specific wrappers/classes and etc..