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Full Version: Helpers, Plug-ins, and Libraries - oh my.
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[eluser]louis w[/eluser]
Is it me or does having both helpers and plugins add unnecessary complexity. I understand the intention was that helpers were multiple functions and a plugin would be a single one. But when it really comes down to it they are just files with functions in them. Shouldn't they just be the same thing and it's up to us if we put one or more then one.

I love CI, but I just think that it's a mess of folders/subfolders and not organized well.

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How would you organize the framework?

I think plugins should be removed because if you look at the CI plugins they can be libraries.

You have to look at helpers as the functions php should have but doesn't.
But maybe the helpers must be single functions. Why would you have to load more functions than you are going to need? For example if you want to use the date helper function timespan you also load now, mdate, standard_date, local_to_gmt, gmt_to_local, mysql_to_unix, unix_to_human, human_to_unix, days_in_month, timezones and timezone_menu.

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[eluser]louis w[/eluser]
Quote:You have to look at helpers as the functions php should have but doesn’t.

This is a good analogy.

I agree that it seems some of the helpers could be libraries. For instance the file_helper, this seems ripe to be a library.