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Full Version: logging a global data
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I am about to go into alpha on my project which is a multi user system and is fairly complex (to me). I figure I will need to turn off and on a log for a specific user who is reporting an issue. But what can I log? I'd like to log the variables each time a function in a controller is called. Is there any type of help built into CI for logging?
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Thanks. I am already logging errors. I am not talking about that. I want to log variables for my debugging logic. Remember this is multi user so I need to be sure I keep each person's data separate. I would not be super surprised if problems arise in testing. I'd like to write out user data.
I suppose you could write something inside your method/function(s) that saves to a database or text file?

There might be some existing stuff on github but I'm not sure how up to date they are.

The documentation link...
It seems that log_message might work if I set the parameter to "info". But I want to log this information to a different file than the error.log.

This might be helpful...