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Full Version: CodeIgniter 4 Components
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These are the components that make up CodeIgniter 4, and the purpose of each module:

- core: core abstractions (Controller, Model and Entity), as well as bootstrap
- API: convenient request handling
- Autoloader: PS4-compliant class loader, also with classmap and legacy folder support
- CLI: command-line interface & tools
- Cache: caching system, with handlers for popular cache stores
- Commands: command-line tools, including migrations
- Config: CI configuration
- Database: relational database abstractions, with handlers for MySQL & Postgres
- Debug: aookication debugging aids
- Email: email support
- Events: event handling
- Exceptions: named exceptions to help debugging
- Files: enhanced file system support
- Filters: request/response filter management
- Format: response formatting adapter
- HTTP: key request & response handling
- Helpers: legacy-style functions
- Honeypot: filter tool for bots
- I18n: internationaliation, date & time support
- Images: image handling
- Language: localization, with multi-language support
- Log: PSR-3 compatible logging
- Pager: pagination
- Router: touting & route collections
- Security: CSRF filter
- Session: enhanced session handling
- Test: framework or app testing support
- ThirdParty: bundled modules so you don't need to use composer
- Throttle: throughput throttling filter
- Typography: fancy formatting
- Validation: form validation
- View: presentation tools, including parser and viewcells
Update: some more modules have made it into RC.1 and will be part of CodeIgniter 4 Smile

- Encryption: simple symmetric encryption
- RESTful: controllers to use as starting point for RESTful endpoints
Awesome! ... More and more excited to wait for the long-awaited stable version 4; I take this opportunity to extend congratulations for your hard work to improve and strengthen CI.